University Programs in Privacy for CS/ICT Students

MSIT in Privacy Engineering Carnegie Mellon: 1 year program, Graduate The Master of Science in Information Technology Privacy Engineering degree is a one-year graduate program for computer scientists and engineers who wish to pursue careers as privacy engineers or technical privacy managers. Designed in close collaboration with industry and government, this program is intended for students who aspire to play a critical role in building privacy into products, services, and processes Information Security and Privacy - Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology - Foundations of Privacy - Law of Computer Technology - Usable Privacy and Security - Engineering Privacy in Software - Management of Software Development for Technology Executives
Security and Privacy Major EIT ICT Labs Master School: 2 year program, Graduate The Information Security and Privacy specialization connects provably secure and privacy-preserving concepts with practically deployable applications. This area offers many possible directions for the students such as Android Security, Web Security, or Synthesis of Distributed Applications, to name a few. Working on these concrete domains, the student learns how to use complex cryptographic primitives as well as information flow analyses in order to guarantee privacy of software systems Information Security and Privacy – Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Formal Methods in Information Security and Privacy – Practical Aspects of Information Security - Seminar on Selected Topics in Information Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy EUMass Amherst: 4 year program, Undergraduate We are constantly increasing our reliance on computers for managing information from tasks both great and small. In scenarios ranging from our personal lives to our nation's critical infrastructure, the security and privacy of information is a fundamental challenge in computer science
Mastère Informatique et Libertés Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris: 1 year program, Graduate Pionnier en ce domaine, l’ISEP a créé la première formation diplômante destinée à former ces « Experts de la protection des données personnelles » : le Mastère spécialisé en Management et Protection des données à caractère personnelles , ou « Mastère Informatique et Libertés ».