Subject Module Presentation Mode Content Partner
CS/Engineering Students
PET Privacy Enhancing Technologies and limitations Reading list, pointers to existing material Description of privacy preserving technologies including their capabilities and limitations. WIT
Privacy in ICT environments Understanding privacy Reading list, + existing material Overviews of privacy basic concepts, its definitions and current related ethical problems and solutions WIT
Privacy in the Internet of Things Slides, reading list Introduction to the Internet of Things and the emerging privacy issues involved. AUP
Introduction to Secure programming Slides, exercises, reading list Technical description of how security and privacy related techniques are considered in programming practices. WIT
Security and privacy preserving software engineering Slides, reading list Introductions on building privacy and security into technology products and services and the related trade-offs. Integration of privacy protection and security into the overall engineering lifecycle of such products and services including requirements, design and testing phases. WIT
Cryptography Slides, exercises, reading list Introduction to cryptography techniques with references to detailed learning material particularly in relation to privacy. WIT
Security vs. privacy Slides, reading list Comparison and relationship between security and privacy concepts. WIT
Anonymisation Reading list Introductions and detailed discussions of anonymisation techniques. WIT
Security and privacy patterns Slides, reading list Description of design patterns that support security and privacy and references to more detailed discussions. WIT
Database Privacy Cryptography Slides, exercises, reading list, pointers to existing material Introduction to cryptography techniques for protection of data at rest with references to detailed learning material. WIT
Web and database security and vulnerabilities Slides, exercises, reading list Descriptions of background issues in Web security and common vulnerabilities. The relationship of those vulnerabilities to user and consumer data privacy. WIT
Privacy preserving data management Reading list, pointers to existing material Descriptions of privacy preserving techniques in data mining and processing and current limitations, such as scalability. WIT
PbD Privacy risks and incidents Security management Slides, reading list, pointers to existing material Description of management of organisational privacy and security risks and the use of security metrics. Description of techniques to cope with privacy issues including identifying and dealing with privacy incidents and mitigating risks in the context of PbD. Overview of threat modelling techniques. WIT
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Pointers to existing material References to existing PIAs and related discussions including its applicability to PbD. WIT
Compliance reviews Pointers to existing material References to resources that describe and discuss issues around compliance audits and review techniques. WIT
Cloud Privacy Cloud privacy and security patterns and best practices Slides, reading list Introduction to privacy and security patterns applicable to the cloud environments and references to detailed discussions. WIT
Mobile Privacy Privacy issues in mobile devices Pointers to existing material Resources on privacy issues in existing mobile device platforms. WIT
Economic Aspects Trust and reputation Slides, reading list, pointers to existing material Description of the concepts of trust, trustworthiness and reputation as well as related systems and models. WIT
NON-CS/Engineering Students
History leading to PbD History of technology related to PbD Slides and exam questions History of technology leading to the convergence underlying current privacy problems AUP
Privacy as a Human Right Slides History of relevant human rights treaties and contemporary issues AUP
Principles and processes of PbD Privacy Motivation, Seven types of privacy, Privacy principles Slides Privacy motivation, seven types of privacy and privacy principles AUP
EU regulation and privacy EU regulation and privacy Slides Current EU regulation and the debate around privacy and PbD in particular AUP