Pripare Educational Material

The PRIPARE educational material wlll be continuously updated. The material is made available in word and powerpoint format so that interested persons can made contributions. Feel free to contribute by sending you material to both Claudia Roda ( and Antonio Kung (
Please indicate:

  • In which one of the above categories the content should be filed (e.g. general public, students, etc.)

  • Subject

  • Title/Module

  • Presentation Mode (e.g. inforgraphic, presentation, paper, etc.)

  • Short Content Description

  • Institution/Partner

  • A short description of who you are and how you have used (or intend to use) the material you are submitting

We will freeze the material from time to time, e.g. every year, consisting of PDF versions of the material.

Access Frozen version 2015 (produced by the PRIPARE consortium)
General public (link to zip file)
ICT practitioners (link to zip file)
Students (link to zip file part 1 and part 2)
Policy makers (link to zip file)